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Israel is so tiny, only six hours drive from top to bottom. The size Of New Jersey, really. Yet within several minutes' drive, one is exposed to such unpredictable, vast diversity. Ever changing landscape, cultures and parallel realities. A colorful mosaic of ethnicity, regions and faiths. World within a world within a world.


Israel speaks right to the heart of the traveler. A blend of old and new. Sacred yet so earthy. Here one should seek for no answers, but questions. As black and white aren't part of the game, rather the fifty (and more) shadows within. Along the tour, we'll explore the sites that excite, touch and enrich us all. So you'll find out for yourself the true meaning of the Holy Land – regardless of your religious tendency. 

Together, we’ll hike in magnificent natural sites, take some bite tastes in the crowded markets, and have encounters with inspiring and genuine people that are shaping the Israeli society from within. We'll talk about the real burning issues and challenges Israel is facing nowadays. Within itself and with its Middle Eastern neighbors. 

Above all, our tour invites you to focus on the axis between the interior and exterior experience of yours. Bringing renewal through experiencing, tasting and introspective thinking. A new perspective is born - inside and out. Enabling you to meet yourself and others from a genuine, new point of U. Making sure you'll return home with your backpack full of memories, impressions and insights.   


Crossing Jerusalem is like taking a stroll around the world in a day. Walk down a 1000-year-old stone pathway as the sound of the Muslim call to prayer floats overhead and a queue of orthodox Jews in fur hats and Armenian nuns in full black habits pass by: Jerusalem is a must-visit destination for any lover of history, culture and tradition. 


"Jerusalem prays and Tel Aviv plays” is a quote you might come across during your visit. While Israel is filled with rich and ancient history, Tel Aviv tells the story of a modern, innovative city – technologically advanced and socially progressive.


A short drive along Israel's northern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea affords us beautiful views, and the opportunity to explore some of the country’s most unique sites. Strategically, this region was extremely important to all ruling empires, as it sat on the famed international trade route between ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Thousands of years later we are left with a fascinating mosaic of historical locations.  


Massada and the Dead Sea

Descending from east Jerusalem at about 800 meters above sea level down to the Dead Sea - the lowest point on earth at 400 meters below sea level. The Judean Desert is one of the world’s smallest, yet most unique desert regions. An incredible region to explore.  

The Judean Desert is an A rocky desert with wadis and cliffs. Moonlike scenery everywhere you look. Refreshing springs and outdoor activities. A day of fun, history and unique geography. 


Christian Day Tour 

Drive north and take in the views of the rolling hills of the historic landscape of Galilee. Cross the spectacular countryside of the Galilee and walk on the shores of the famous Sea of Galillee. Take a day to travel back in time to age of Jesus, as we'll visit some of the most important Christian sites in the Galilee region. A blend of Biblical sites, culture and history.

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