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Tel-Aviv and Jaffo - Central Coastline




"Jerusalem prays and Tel Aviv plays” is a quote you might come across during your visit. While Israel is filled with rich and ancient history, Tel Aviv tells the story of a modern, innovative city with a rich scene of nightlife,  and socially progressive. 

Following the enormous changes of the 20th century, upon Israel's baby steps. Stepping out of the ancient Arab port city of Jaffa towards modernism and the skyscrapers of the First Hebrew City.  

Old Jaffa | The Old City 

Jaffa (pronounced in hebrew Yapho),Possesses one of the most ancient and impressive seaports, famous for its association with the Biblical stories of Jonah, Solomon and St. Peter. It offers a rich variety of culture and Arab\Othoman folklore garments and souvenirs, vibrant entertainment and nightlife with a vast choice of excellent food prepared by famous Israeli chefs in boutique-style designed local restaurants. The city became famous for its  trademark Jaffa oranges which are exported to countries worldwide. 

Jaffa is a major tourist attraction with an exciting combination of old, new and restored buildings. The old city’s winding alleyways feel like they are almost straight out of an enchanted fairytale. Together we will stroll through Jaffa's old city, explore its ancient remains, visit its religious structures, its famous art galleries and taste its delicious food.  

Tel Aviv/ Old City - New City 

Upon its establishment, in 1906, as 'Achuzat Bait', came about a vision for an entirely new city, along the sand dunes to the northeast of Jaffa. Innovative, Modern- Jewish city, Hebrew speaking and secular.   

From Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv’s first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa, to its impressive collection of Bauhaus architecture along Rotchild Blvd, and beautiful neighborhoods of the German and American colonies. This tour will peel off the hidden layers, revealing the secrets of the first Hebrew city.  



Neve Tzedek

Wonder through the meandering alleyways of Jaffa, where the founders of Tel Aviv first arrived in the Land of Israel. A glimpse into the perfect combination of chaos and harmony in The Flea Market. A walk through the ancient port city, exploring the alleys, the hidden art gallery and the magnificent side walk overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, concluding at the ancient port. 

Step into the future through the streets of Tel Aviv. We'll step out of Jaffa towards Tel Aviv. Stroll through Neve Tzedek neighborhood, famous for its famous art galleries, and magical coffee houses.

Rotchild Blvd

The Independence Hall

Carmel Market

Walk through Rotchild Blvd, Israel's most significant Hi Tech and Innovation areas, Centers of cultures and recreation – with sidewalk coffee bars and restaurants - from the Mann to Habima Theaters to sprawling beaches. 

Visit The Independence Hall, originally one of the first homes built in Tel Aviv, which later became the Tel Aviv Museum. The site of the signing of Israel's declaration of Independence in 1948.  

Taste fresh food at Carmel Market, followed by leisure time at Nachalat Binyamin, arts and crafts fair, where the artists and entertainers bring the street of Tel Aviv to life (on Tuesday and Friday). 

Itinerary tel aviv

"There was no time to get bored… our likes and dislikes (at least for some of us), we connected at a different level. The experience that Moria created for us was and will remain unique. Just like Tel Aviv."

Rodica & Charles, Miami, Florida

A Holly Shift 2019 - Divine Convergence - Spiritual Awakening in the Holy Land tour of Israel


What's included
  • Guided tour in an intimate group one on one, family and friends - up to 12 pax 

  • Walking Tour

  • Reservations for site entrance 

  • Hat, sunscreen, walking shoes, water and snacks

  • Additional shawl for holy sites and colder weather.  

What's not included
  • Food and drinks 

  • Entrances fees

  • Accommodation 

  • Personal expenses 

  • Travel insurance

  • Tips

  • Ordering Option: Transportation to all sites on an 'Eshkol' authorized vehicle (AC with Wi-Fi) - Car/ Van licensed by Ministry of Tourism. 

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Photo by Faruk Kaymak on Unsplash
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