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All of Israel




There's so much to see and explore in Israel. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start.  Let's make your dream come true.  Half day tour // Full day tour // Multi-days. Based on your interests and passions. Planning together is so much FUN. 

Fascinated about religious and faiths? Explore Jerusalem in the intersection of faiths. Walk down the narrow alleys, meet the people and flavors through the crowded markets. Colorful blend of Arabs, Jews and Christians of all kinds. Jerusalem is a home for ALL. 

History and archeology blows your mind? Experience the thrill of unearthing the hidden past on Dig-for-a-Day in Beit Guvrin National site. Ground-breaking archaeological experience designed for active travelers of all ages.  

Love ancient arts and crafts? Artsy tour is your way to roll. Clay, wool, eco-print, traditional wood carving and many more. We'll take a closer look into the unique and traditional Israeli-Palestinian crafts. Sit on the floor with the elders, to meet the local materials and experience Israel through your hands. 

Crazy about nature? Then we should take a nature walk. Arid desert or ever-green hills. Extreme track or hikeish (as brownish) style.  We'll plan the day to match your paste.    


Finally, we invite you to meet the locals. We are all part of the bigger story, and we all have a story to share. Get off the bitten tracks, to meet the key people of the Israel and reveal local entrepreneurship. Founders of innovates// Peace makers in the West Bank and the Arab villages// Strong independence women// Social wineries and farming// 'Tikkun Olam' (justice) organizations and many more.  


Tell us about your dream.  

We'll make it come true.  

Up to the tiny details. 



Moria (pronounced MoriYAH)! was the VERY BEST tour guide ever! Her knowledge of tying history into what we were viewing was invaluable! She is full of life and her spirit is contagious! When she wasn't adding to our knowledge on the bus, we sang songs--so uplifting! Her belief that all human beings deserve a good life and deserve to be treated equally and with dignity, regardless of ethnicity or country, is a shared value. I consider myself lucky to have met her! 

Vicki Andrews MacKenzie‎, USA

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