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I'm a Sabra-Israeli, descendent to a 'Sephardic' North-African Jewish family. My childhood memories are rich with warmth and loud sounds coming from the kitchen, the yard's chickens and the world stretching between the two. Oriental flavors, colorful head-scarfs and strong Impressions of assertive, talkative hands of aunties and grandmas sitting together on the floor. Rolling ancient legends and parables, as their hands constantly moving, rolling the Couscous semolina grains.


When people ask me why I became a tour guide, I tell them the seed was planted in my name. My original name is Mor, but early in my childhood, my parents wished to add spirituality into our lives and added Yah (Jah, the holy letters from the name of God) to end my name. Since then I’ve been named Moria, the name of the Holy mountain of God. Mori(ya) has an additional meaning in Hebrew, it means a mentor. Just so, my new name gave me my meaning: a mentor in the Holy Land.  

Following my second given name, I remember myself walking this world with a feeling of holiness and wholeness of it all. Fascinated by those magical-historical times we are leaving in. After praying for Jerusalem for 2,000 years, the promise has been fulfilled into our day-to-day life here in Israel. One land, two parallel realities - Jews and Arabs living alongside one another, completing this puzzle into a whole. Jews from all over the world - Sephardi and Ashkenazi – speak the language of the Hebrew men, celebrating the diversity of it all.


This diversity excites me, and lights the spark of holy emissary in me – to share this contradicting, yet somehow harmonized chaos. The pure love and compassion for this self-sustaining wonder is contagious, and I see my mission in spreading it to everyone, all differences aside.


Israel is all about diversity. My tours are about creating a multi-cultural, multi-flavored tour, exposing my tourist to the highest perspective possible. I see my mission in granting each of you with a feeling of honesty, open dialogue and most important, that you are Home.  

" The journey of true discovery is not in the new landscapes but in the new look"  Marcel Proust 

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