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Nazareth and Sea of Galilee



Such tour would take you a full circle around one of Israel's most beautiful and significant sites, featuring the importance of Northern Israel. Meeting some of the most iconic locations from the Old and New Testament. Take in the breathtaking views of the lush Galillee area around Nazareth and the Sea of Galillee.  

Nazareth, according to the Gospels was the childhood home of Jesus and where Mary lived. You’ll visit the church of St Joseph which houses the Basilica of the Annunciation, an impressive site where the angel Gabriel informed Mary she would give birth to Jesus.  Nazareth is the largest Arab city in Israel, with a distinct Middle Eastern flavor. On our way up north, we'll be driving by Canna village - A local small town. The traditional site of the wedding feast where Jesus turned water into wine

The beautiful Sea of Galilee, Israel’s largest freshwater lake, is where Jesus spent much of his ministry and performed some of his best-known miracles. Here he spent his ministry spreading the word of God among the people in rural villages.  


Along the shores pf the Sea of Galillee, we'll meet the sites behind the stories. Magdala, hometown of Mary Magdalene. A site of a Biblical-era fishing village and Second Temple Era synagogue. Jesus may have preached in this synagogue during his ministry.  

Past the Mount of Beatitudes. Where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount to an audience of followers. Today a magnificent chapel tops the Mt. of Beatitudes. Today the Franciscan Wedding Church marks the site were the miracle took place. A visit to The Church of Multiplication, where Jesus fed five thousand people fish and bread. Not far from here you’ll visit Capernaum, home to the apostles and Yardenit, a baptismal site on the Jordan River.  



Cana Village

The Sea of Galilee

The impressive Basilica of Annunciation - Tour the church and the old city of Nazareth and get to know the so-called Arabic Capital of Israel. Take in the special atmosphere of Israel’s largest Arab city with its distinctly Middle Eastern flavor and the charming old town of Nazareth. 

Pass The Wedding Church of Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle turning water into wine. The Church is now a Franciscan Chapel hosting a museum and Byzantine mosaics.  

Explore The Sea of Galilee coastline - the largest freshwater lake in Israel and a home to the biblical sites from the Old Testament. The life source of the region the source of the sacred Jordan River. Enjoy the panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding valley.  



Make a stop at Capernaum, known as Jesus Town - home to the Apostles. At the foot of the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus gave his famous Sermon on the Mount. Experience the Church of Multiplications (Tabha) serenely placed by the shores of the lake.

Finally, visit the Yardenit - The Jordan River Baptismal Site – One of the possible sites of Jesus’ baptism. This site welcomes hundreds of thousands of pilgrims yearly and located at the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee.  

itinerary nazareth and galilee

I recently had my first ever trip to Israel. Experiencing it for the first time with Moria as our tour guide was incredible. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and non-judgmental. There were a few times that I was overwhelmed with the beautify and awesomeness of Israel and I just cried. Moria hugged me tight, and just let me be with my emotions. She told me not to think - to allow myself to just feel. I will never forget that. I would love to do another trip to Israel and have Moria as my  guide!

Nicole Kaplan , Pennsylvania, USA

Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine


What's included
  • Guided tour in an intimate group one on one, family and friends - up to 12 pax 

  • Transportation to all sites on an 'Eshkol' authorized vehicle (AC with Wi-Fi) - Car/ Van licensed by Ministry of Tourism. 

  • Reservations for site entrance 

  • Hat, sunscreen, walking shoes, water and snacks

  • Additional shawl for holy sites and colder weather.  

What's not included
  • Food and drinks 

  • Entrances fees

  • Accommodation 

  • Personal expenses 

  • Travel insurance

  • Tips

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