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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Why are the bees so important to our magical world?!?!

Bees' importance is important beyond honey production and other related products. Without the bees, the pollen processes cannot exist and the damage to the flora and the global food supply will be unbearable..

Scientist Albert Einstein made the following statement: "The day the bees disappear, humans will only have four years to survive on Earth."

I invite us to fall in love with them. Bee a little curious about this organism. it lives as one adherent with one mind and one heart. She is the stunned queen. All of which are buzzing in its wake.

The loss of plant species will cause great hunger in the world not only for the human species but for many species of animals that feed on plants which they themselves serve as food for many other species in the food chain. There is a danger that we will see the disappearance of the animal species in the entire chain, step by step.

From this we conclude how important it is to consume organic honey. And not too much. For one teaspoon of honey is enough for a bee life for all her life !!! And holds it mainly during the dry summer season, when there are not many plants to pollinate - so they lean on the honey produced during the flowering seasons. That means spring.

Humanity and earth in reciprocal relationships.

Let's it bee bio. Don't waste unconscious. Consume organic honey. This way the beehives do not take all the honey on shelves, but leave the bees about an half of the honey in the hive, which they can snack on during the hot summer days. Instead of leaning on sugar water, which does not really strengthen them.

This is how we keep the health of the bees. So they can continue their magic.

Keeping us safe, too, for the benefit of future generations

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