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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We are surrounded by beauty. Every moment.

Nature always reinforces my knowledge that God is everything and nothing. It resides in everything, but not everyone will notice it. Unless he opens my eyes to the heart he sees.

Just before the Corona paralysis took over. I went home to nature - regenerate, take charge of the interior. The calm, the sanity and the proportions. Remember that life does not stop for a moment nor hear about the quarantine. Here you can embrace. Here they all mate. Here. This is where fun is made.

Did you know that in the spring season there is a fierce resource competition? The so-called colorful spring market

All the flowers try their best to entice the clients, the wingers and the beetles, to them.

Here's a not-so-rare moment here - of the red-flowered beetles that love them. Yes, they have a weird name. See Latin below.

You can see that this is a real celebration. Not to mention an orgy in poppies. A few pairs and even threes in different levels of pollen scattering. These are Pygopleurus beetles and are programmed to see only red colors. Anemones, poppy lights and the like.

What is the reason for the unusual strength of the cobwebs?!?

During the generous dew hours, you can clearly see the cobwebs. Really thoughtful craft! The spider has amazing powers that make up one of the most famous super heroes - Spider-Man.

The cobwebs are a wonder material that researchers are trying to learn its secrets. The webs are strong and very flexible. When you have a relatively large insect flying towards a web of spider webs, it does not tear but stretches. The spider's cold is a liquid protein that comes out of our stomach and hardens when it comes in contact with the air.

It has other uses besides the hunting nets we all know, such as creating sachets for spider eggs, building shelter and means of movement.

Did you know that this genius flower knows how to confuse the black insects?

He pulls them through like insects - basically a black spot. The innocent insects are attracted to the flower, because there seems to be a clinture. And so the flower reproduces. The so-called insect pollination. One of the finest techniques for breed improvement and continuity.

And we haven't even said a word about love in the distance, the pollination through the spirit.

Have we already said existential security ?!

Photographed journey - accompanied by impressions.

What do you love most about nature? What is a nature walk for you?

For me, this varies from trip to trip.

It was, for example, a moment to return to breath.

the soul.

make a wish

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