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In the footsteps of Fabrics, Merchants and Sacred Places







 In the footsteps of Fabrics, Merchants and Sacred Places 

"A small alley in the market on the way to the Western Wall. A Muslim Haj in a silk fez and a long robe, slowly walks on a stick. Two monks are conversing. Three Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva students walk in a hurry, a cloak rubbing a cloak. The environment gazes at them through the stone's eyes, assessing the magnitude of the danger, also the size of the prospect inherent in this appearance. That has all the unity that can be found in contrast, as long as they hang out here together, side by side" (The Prospect / Aaron Bachar) 

Through Jaffa Gate we will travel through space and time between the four quarters of the ancient city. What is the connection between the ancient wooden ladder at the Church of the holy Sepulchre and Games of Throne?! Who is holding on to the keys of the Lord's Tomb?... 

While exploring the alleys, we'll savour delicious tastes from the bazaars scattered around the markets. Try local traditionally prepared hummus (chickpeas), drink freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and indulge your sweet tooth with the local sweets. At the market roofs we will take it all in - Overlooking the mesmerizing view of the old city with all it's magic tastes and sounds.  Explore these intersection of Faiths, languages and flavors - one by one. 


Christian quarter

From Jaffa gate we'll enter the Christian quarter to meet the locals. We’ll meet Sandroni at the Armenian Ceramic Studio. A long-standing tradition that passes from generation to another. For a moment, time will stop when we visit the 'Elias Photo Store'. This store holds original photos  from 19th century alongside  exciting human stories from the First World War. We'll sail into the silk and gold weaving districts in Abu - Khalaf fabric store. He will tell us about his vast range of clientele ranging from - Ultra-Orthodox Jews to Christian Patriarchs and Muslim Imams. 

Via Dolorosa

Muslim quarter

We will visit the factory for the Arab-blind association in the heart of the Muslim Quarter. Along the Via Dolorosa, we'll take a moment to discover  the past at Baidun fine antiquities. This well known antic shop offers a carefully chosen collection that distinguishes the shop as one of the country’s leading dealers in exquisite and rare antiquities.  

We will spend a moment in the famous mill nearby Nablus Gate , and maybe try some local techinah (Tahini as it is also known), made of fine sesame seeds. Finally, we'll take an afternoon tea and Vienna style apple Strudel at the Austro Hungarian guest house. 

pearls of jerusalem

Moria, you are a warm-hearted and enthusiastic person with great passion. The tour with you was very inspiring and informative. I had so much fun and also learned a lot. I really need more time to digest after going back to China. Thanks for the suggestions you gave me for my left days in Jerusalem! I love your wonderful country and feel very lucky to have you as my tour guide!   

Xing, China


What's included
  • Guided tour in an intimate group one on one, family and friends - up to 12 pax 

  • Walking Tour

  • Reservations for site entrance 

  • Hat, sunscreen, walking shoes, water and snacks

  • Additional shawl for holy sites and colder weather.  

What's not included
  • Food and drinks 

  • Entrances fees

  • Accommodation 

  • Personal expenses 

  • Travel insurance

  • Tips

  • Ordering Option: Transportation to all sites on an 'Eshkol' authorized vehicle (AC with Wi-Fi) - Car/ Van licensed by Ministry of Tourism. 

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