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I'm Moria, a tour guide in Israel and the founder of Foot for Thought. 

I believe that Israel is more than a tour, it’s an inner journey.  
Excited by the celebration of diversity, Foot for Thought offers a beautiful and colorful selection of day tours all over Israel, rich with narratives, colors and flavors. 

Explore Israel's tapestry of people, landscapes, history and cultures - alongside with interpersonal encounters and workshops. 

Discover new paths - from the inside out. 

Renewal. Insights. Life-time memories.



Israel is such a tiny country yet so diversely big. It speaks right to the heart of the traveler. The Bible stories are coming back to life and the people are genuinely kind and warm. Explore the ever changing landscapes, cultures and parallel realities within such a small piece of land. Discover a world within a world within a world...  Come and explore on your own or share with significant others. 


These tours are celebrating the diversity of Israel and enable you to meet the locals. A diverse Mélange of people,  landscapes and cultures.

Explore Israel through its unique nature paths, history, archeology and innovation – along with interpersonal encounters and workshops. 


Planning a trip to Israel? Together we will craft your ideal itinerary. Whether you are coming for a family vacation or for business, with kids or without, or just with your spouse,or maybe even a small break on your own, you will be able to make the most of your time in Israel with our unique boutique tours. Whether it's your second time around and you are longing to  revive that special feeling you felt the first time, or explore new things altogether, be rest assured we will match the right itinerary according to your needs and budget . Explore Israel your way. 


Debra Fisher, Los Angeles

Moria Lead our group on a magical, deeply transformative experience traveling throughout the holy land In April 2019. She shares her extensive knowledge of this ancient land with immense passion and Grace. She instantly captivates you with her tender loving voice, humor and generosity of spirit. I feel blessed to have made a lifelong friend in Moria. She made a wonderful experience outstanding in every way! 


Rabbi Jack P. Paskoff, 

Congregation Shaarai Shomayim, Lancaster

I have led a number of trips to Israel, but never with a guide like Moria. She offers tremendous insights, and is a wonderful partner in designing our trips. She suggests new ways of seeing Israel through meaningful personal encounters, taking us out of the mainstream to see a very different Israel than the one we typically see. She does so with intelligence and sensitivity, with incredible intuition about how to support people on the journey. I highly recommend connecting with Moria for unique ways to encounter Israel.

van colson.jpg

Van Colson , Waconia, MN 

My family and I were lucky enough to be part of a Bat Mitzvah tour led by Moria in December, 2019.  Moria provided us the experience of a lifetime with her vast knowledge of all things Israel – the history, culture, industry, geography, economy, government and much more.  She tailored our tour to include Christian sites for some members of our group and took great care to ensure the safety and enjoyment of three generations of our family - ranging in age from 15 to 85!  Moria was a gracious, compassionate host and quickly became a life-long friend.   One of the top highlights of our trip – MORIA! 

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